tanyaperdy@hotmail.com February 24, 2021

When I was 11 and leaving primary school, my teacher wrote in my leaving book that she looked forward to seeing my name in print one day. Evidently my obsession with writing had already shown itself.

Nearly thirty years later I am still in love with crafting words. I’ve spun them into features about the UK’s precious peatlands and neurodiversity in business, blogs about hedgehogs and tea shops, even a draft novel which is sitting in a drawer waiting to try on its next outfit.

I’m grateful I explored other roles before launching my writing business in 2016. They’ve enriched my writing skills so much. Punchy headlines, succinct press releases and irresistible pitches when I worked in PR for The Wildlife Trusts. E-newsletters for health professionals and petition pages for health campaigners when I was a digital editor at Macmillan Cancer Support. Social media posts about amphibian disease and blogs about palm oil when I was a digital executive for the Zoological Society of London.

All this has taught me a lot about how to engage people – and bring complex subjects to life – with words.

I’ve also learned my passion lies with writing about nature and environmental issues, social justice, health and innovation. Above all, about how these things connect with the human experience. Stories are life.

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Other things I can do

Thanks to my background, my skills go beyond writing and editing. I work part time as a communications consultant for Steps, a social enterprise which creates training and job opportunities for young people with autism.
When I started with them, they had no formal structure for any of their communications. Now they have strategies and processes for both internal and external comms. I also wrote their brand guide and tone of voice document.

Contact me if you want help with communications strategy.