tanyaperdy@hotmail.com February 24, 2021

I’ve been writing professionally for 14 years so this is not an exhaustive list! Just a selection of my favourite pieces.


Travel writing


Book editing

My editing experience includes Helen Babbs’ beautiful Sylvan Cities: An Urban Tree Guide.

Web content

A number of my roles have involved commissioning, editing, writing and building web content. I did this for Macmillan Cancer Support, ZSL, and Steps Bangkok. As websites are so dynamic there has been a lot of change, but here is content I designed, wrote/created and built which is still live:

  • Zoological Society of London: Meet our scientists
  • Steps Bangkok: Case study of an equal opportunities employer
  • The site no longer exists, but I wrote health information aimed at a very young audience for Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was some of the most challenging writing I’ve done – simplifying very complex information and keeping it engaging. I loved it.


If you’d like to chat about a commission, email me at tanya@tanyaperdikou.com.